About Us

We are a family of 4, living in Herlev, north of Copenhagen. We have a big interest in reptiles, as a hobby (not a business) and we do occasionally sell some of our babies, to be able to maintain this hobby as all equipment, food and nutrition, vet, etc. cost quite a lot. For my wife, who started this hobby, it has been like therapy, to lower her anxiety problems, due to pains from fibromyalgia. When she’s worried about something, has pains, or feel stressed, she goes into the gecko room and she feels a lot better after a while. She like to arrange the cages, photograph the geckos and just watch gecko activity when she has difficulties with sleeping. For me, the reptile hobby is interesting as far as, the morphs colors and traits. I am amazed how these New Caledonian geckos, can fire up and down, and how funny they are to watch, when they move around the enclosure. 
Our children often get to hold the older geckos that are quite easy to handle. 
We are located in north of Copenhagen, in a house with a garden, 20 minutes from the city central. 
We pulled out the bubble spa and cabinets from the master bathroom, and made a gecko room with vivariums from floor to ceiling. Theres hardly space enough, but where there is a will, there is a way 😉 And now we also have a few spiders (Phiddiphus Regius).
Our vision is to focus on a few morphs and locales, and keep the number of breeders down to a minimum, and still being able to maintain the hobby. We have no intentions of making this a gecko-business, as we really enjoy decorating every terrarium/vivarium and make it as functional, comfortable and bioactive as possible. For us, it is never about the money, and all about keeping our animals as natural as possible, for healthy and happy animals.
Right now, we keep 3 types of New Caledonian Gecko’s. Rhacodactylus Leachianus also known as the Giant Gecko. Correlophus Ciliatus also known as Crested gecko and Mniarogecko Chahoua also known as just Chahouas. We simply adore these geckos and love to learn more about them all the time. We considor ourselves as experienced keepers, but there are still a lot to learn. 
We choose to feed with several kinds of foods, and the big variety have shown our geckos not to be too picky. This is a big advantage, as some gecko owners experience a picky gecko and that makes it hard to change food brands if its sold out etc. Read all about care, nutrition, husbandry, how to build the vivs and make bioactive set ups on this website. Read more here.